SHEET METAL is an integral part of nearly all roofing projects. Whether utilized as flashing, counter flashing or as a primary roofing membrane,

SHEET METAL is one of the most easily recognized and least understood roofing products in general usage today. Compatibility issues often arise regarding different metals, metals and appropriate sealants, metals and appropriate fasteners and metals and appropriate finishes.

At PROFESSIONAL ROOFING & WATERPROOFING CONSULTANTS, we understand such compatability issues and have the experience required to help our clients resolve them. We understand how sheet metal reacts to the elements, like wind and rain, heat and cold. And we understand the reasons for good performance, as well as failure, in SHEET METAL flashings and roofs.

SHEET METAL commonly observed in today's buildings include:

GALVANIZED STEEL - Zinc-coated steel, this is a great all-around sheet metal for use as penetration and perimeter flashings, especially in dry climates. Generally not recommended for use within a mile or so of the ocean. Also not to be used in conjunction with copper, as copper ions can erode the zinc coating on galvanized metal, producing early oxidation and failure.

GALVALUME - An offshoot of Galvanized Steel, Galvalume is steel coated with a combination of zinc and aluminum, typrically providing a longer life-cycle than galvanized steel.

STAINLESS STEEL - Just as it sounds, stainless steel typically doesn't rust (oxidize) with the rapidity of steel or galvanized steel. There are several grades of stainless steel, however, and the "lower" grades will rust in caustic climates. The "higher" grades of stainless steel are great for use near the ocean.

COPPER - Also great for use in caustic climates - near the ocean, for instance - copper tends to oxidize to green patina which protects the copper from further oxidation. Typically easy to work and prized for its long-lasting beauty, copper is the sheet metal of choice for many "high-end" projects (residential, commercial, institutional).

ALUMINUM - Aluminum is a relatively soft metal that, when left unprotected by paint or other coating, can degrade fairly rapidly, especially in caustic environs. Although not typically recommended near the ocean, aluminum has shown years of satisfactory service just about everywhere else.

PAINTED/PRIMED METALS - Just about any metal can be painted or delivered primed to receive paint. Typically in construction, primed or painted metals have a steel, aluminum or galvanized substrate.

COATED METALS - Coated metals range from steel, aluminum, stainless and galvanized substrates for powder-coating ("baked-on" finishes) to lead-coated copper used for many roofing projects.

SHEET METAL ROOFING panels may be manufactured out of any of the metals above. Some

SHEET METAL roofing panels are coated with mineral surfacing similar to that found on composition shingles.

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