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It is no secret that most construction defect cases are filed because of water intrusion. The question is usually not "does water intrusion occur?", but "where is it coming from?" The usual answer is "it's coming from "up there", referring to the roof. Water intrusion is almost always assumed to occur at the roof. But, is that a fair assumption?

Well, yes and no. Water intrusion can and certainly does often occur at the roof. It can occur at chimneys, roof penetrations (pipes and vents), air conditioning units and flashings. Water intrusion can also occur through the roofing materials themselves - at laps, junctures, fasteners, and of course, areas that are simply left open and/or unprotected.

However, water intrusion can also occur at windows, doors, wall vent flashings and through siding and deck surfaces and perimeters. In addition, water intrusion can occur through below-grade walls - sometimes right through a presumed "waterproof" membrane.

What is the cause of water intrusion? The answer may seem simple - "it comes through a hole" - but in truth, the answer is rarely that simple. Water that finds its way through seemingly impenetrable systems and substrates can befuddle the mind. Which brings us to this point:

PROFESSIONAL ROOFING & WATERPROOFING CONSULTANTS specializes in uncovering the truth about water intrusion. We ask the question, "Where is the water coming in - and why?" Once we ascertain the source(s) and reason(s) for the water intrusion, we relate our findings in clear, easy to understand written reports. Of course, we also include photos of our investigation.

As expert witnesses we are often required to apportion the credit for a given defect to various trades (i.e., roofing contractor, sheet metal contractor, framer, plumber, etc.). We are also asked to provide accurate budget estimates for repair or replacement. This is possible only by understanding how building systems and their applications interrelate. We understand.

Our background is primarily roofing and waterproofing related and includes nearly all types of roof coverings, below-grade waterproofing membranes, deck membranes and extensive sheet metal experience. Performing numerous water intrusion investigations not related to roofing issues has also given us wide exposure to window, door and siding issues.

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